You’ve found the house of your dreams and you’re excited to move in. After months of completing paperwork and packing your belongings, your closing is almost here. However, before you cross the t’s and dot the i’s, do a thorough walk-through. I recommend doing it two days before your closing to avoid last-minute issues. Be sure to:

  1. Check that all agreed-upon repairs have been completed correctly and safely. If plumbing work was done, make sure there are no leaks. Request invoices to confirm that all work was done by licensed contractors.  
  2. Verify that every item included in the sale, such as window treatments or a refrigerator, is still at the property. This comes from experience. 
  3. Test all appliances to make sure they work. Flush the toilets. Turn on the oven. Run the dishwasher. Check that the water in the hot water heater is hot.
  4. Make sure that the heating and air conditioning systems work. 
  5. Inspect the window screens, screen doors, and storm doors. Make sure what’s not in use for the season is stored in the home. 
  6. Inspect every room, even the crawlspace and basement, to ensure that personal belongings and debris have been removed. Check, too, for damage to floors and walls. 
  7. Test the garage door and remote controls. Remotes might not be provided until the closing, but test them if possible. 
  8. Test the alarm system and doorbells. 
  9. Verify that there are no unexpected changes to the property since you saw it last—inside and out. Has a wall been damaged? Has a fence been removed? Now is the time to find out. 
  10. Count on me to guide you through the process.

Over the years, I’ve seen many unwanted surprises at closings. As your realtor, I’ll make sure you have a thorough walk-through. We can then resolve open items and “move” on to a smooth closing. To learn more, please call me at (443) 309-4403.